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Besides the obvious esthetic benefits and improved self-confidence often earned with orthodontic treatment, other important reasons to undergo treatment may include improving the health of your teeth, gums and surrounding bone tissue. A bad bite and misaligned teeth can contribute to irregular tooth wear, periodontal problems and tooth decay. Teeth that are not straight are often harder to keep clean. In some instances, adult orthodontic treatment to align your teeth and jaws may even contribute to eliminating or improving TMJ pain.

Moreover, orthodontic treatment may benefit adult patients who plan to get implants or other dental treatments (such as crowns and bridges). Very often, braces or Invislaign will help properly prepare the space for the implant or crown by aligning the adjacent teeth so as to maximize the esthetics and longevity of your restorative work to come.

With esthetic options available such as clear braces and Invisalign, schedule a consultation with Dr. Cheretakis to learn more about how we can improve your oral health.

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