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Digital radiographs

Digital radiographs are quicker and more comfortable for the patients and provide a more precise and clear image of your teeth and jaw bone. They also only have a fraction of the radiation exposure of a traditional set of x-rays. Certain radiographs are important to take before, during and after your orthodontic treatment to help with the diagnosis, treatment planning and to ensure treatment success. At Rockland Orthodontist, we are careful to only take x-rays when absolutely necessary, especially in children, and always take the necessary precautions, such as using lead aprons to protect your body.

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Invisalign and itero digital impression scanner

Before initiating your orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist must record the starting point of your teeth and mouth, this is traditionally done with molds or impressions using a putty-like material within a mouth tray. Moreover, anybody undergoing Invisalign® treatment would traditionally have specific molds taken of their teeth from which the custom Invisalign aligners will be made. The process of taking molds or impressions could be messy and requires the use of a “gooey” type of material that often creates a lot of patient discomfort. Imprecise impressions may even require having to take them more than once.

The itero scanner has finally made this process quicker, easy and comfortable by eliminating the putty and trays and using an intra-oral camera instead to take safe digital scans of your teeth. The process only takes a few short minutes before you can view a digital image of your teeth on the screen. Should we determine together that Invisalign treatment is right for you, the itero scanner will allow you to see what your teeth will look like at the end of your treatment shortly after your initial scan is taken. What’s more, if you are in fact undergoing Invisalign treatment, the final digital image is sent directly to the company without having to wait for them to receive your impressions through regular snail mail. This makes it possible to create a treatment plan and produce your aligners a lot quicker than usual. The digital images generated from the scanner are also more accurate than impressions and therefore result in better fitting Invisalign trays and therefore more positive treatment results. Rest assured that we are equipped with the latest in technology to make your overall treatment experience with us as positive and comfortable as possible.

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