If you are a

New patient

Your first step is to schedule your consultation appointment where Dr. Cheretakis will take the time you need to educate you on your diagnosis and customize a treatment plan that will meet your needs. Please browse our website to learn more about what to expect during your first visit with us and our flexible payment options to support your treatment.
Scheduling your appointment

Just one click away!

Book your appointment with us anytime online or by phone during office hours.

Let us know by completing our online form, which days and times are most convenient for you and we will make sure to accommodate your request. We look forward to meeting you, call us should you have any questions about your first visit.

First visit

Start with a private meeting with
Dr. Chrissy Cheretakis

Initial consultation appointments with Dr. Cheretakis consist of a private one-on-one meeting with her to determine and discuss which treatment path best suits your needs.

You will first start by completing your dental and medical history form, come prepared should you wish by completing your form ahead of time. A complete exam will follow with X-Rays (should you not already have your own recent radiographs from your dentist). Dr. Cheretakis will then take the time you need to go over a customized treatment plan with you in detail and answer all your questions. Your visit with us will end with a discussion about all financial information, insurance coverage, and flexible payment plans. We also make sure to always reserve time in our schedule to get you started with your treatment if you so wish.

If you feel happy and comfortable with what you learned during your consultation appointment and the personalized treatment plan that Dr. Chrissy Cheretakis put together for you, you could get started with your treatment right away. Getting started with us is as easy as 1-2-3! Thanks to state of the art equipment, we don’t need to take molds of your teeth using that “gooey” paste traditionally used for impressions. With just a few pictures and a quick and safe scan of your teeth, you are on your way to securing a new smile.

Should we determine together that Invisalign® treatment is right for you, we will even be able to share with you that same day a 3D preview of what your end result could look like using your own mouth scan! After this initial visit, you will see us for regular check-ups every 6-8 weeks at your convenience, and as needed to ensure treatment success.

Flexible payment plans

Quality and specialized orthodontic treatment accessible to everyone.

We will determine together a payment plan that you are comfortable with.

The cost of orthodontic treatment is based on the initial diagnosis and individual treatment needs of every patient. We will take the time to explain the treatment plan and costs, and determine a payment schedule that you are most comfortable with, interest free. We vow to always be upfront about treatment fees before you begin your treatment.

We provide modern orthodontic care and aim to make every appointment fun and educational.

Please call us if you have any questions, or schedule a consultation for a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Cheretakis to discuss your needs and concerns and find out which treatment is right for you.